"Thank you so much for your support, friendship, and professionalism during our selling and buying. You are both much appreciated"!

- William and Joanne, Residents of Georgetown

"Thank you very much Kenzie in helping us realize our dream of home ownership. You were the catalyst in making this happen and we will always remember your outstanding service. Forever grateful".

- Cory and Debra, New Residents of Georgetown

"Kenzie keeps us up to date with what is going on in the market place. By keeping in touch he was able to refinace the original mortgage we place through him, saving even more. I always recommend Kenzie to friends and family"!

- Chip Leavoy - Leavoy Rowe Beef Co., Mississauga

"I'd like to announce to Kenzie MacDermid that he did a wonderful job in getting us our mortgage, and new home (Real Estate). He's laid back, honest, and dependable. I would recommend him to everyone"!

- Anabella and Ralph Seminara, Residents of Barrie

"Wow what can I say. These guys are good at what they do. They honestly should be charging much more for what they do but they don't which is great for me. Unbeatable value, awesome support, need I say more." Kenzie is always available by phone or email. I recommended my best friend and her husband. They also had nothing but praise for his efforts".

- Aarti, Elementary Teacher, Brampton

"As my friends' Power of Attorney and as a first time seller, I had a lot of questions/concerns and needed a tremendous amount of information and guidance on how to go about getting her home sold. However, after talking it over with you, you were quickly able to put my mind at ease by explaining to me how the whole process would work and assured me everything would turnout just fine. And it did!!!  Because I have mobility limitations, it was physically impossible for me to help prepare the home for the sale. So you immediately went into action and took care of th ethings that I wasn't able to do and made everything happen in record time. Your dedication and performance as my agent was truly a blessing and a comfort for me".

- Yvonne Gaudet, Resident of Brampton